Powder Coating: More than just a pretty paint job

They say life is hard, and it helps to have thick skin. In the world of truck accessories the work is tough, and a tough tool box needs to be protected by a tough finish. At Chandler Truck Accessories, we only accept top quality in everything we do. That means bypassing conventional paints for powder coating.   

When we say “thick skin” we’re not just using a turn of phrase either. The desired result of powder coating is to create a hard finish or a “skin” over the metal it’s coating.

Basically the powder is applied by electrostatic coating, or in other words, by charged particles. When the powder is “cured,” it causes it to flow and form the shell or “skin’ as we like to say. Unlike conventional liquid paints, powder coating involves a free-flowing dry powder. There’s no solvent needed to bind the color to the metal.

The end result is an optimal quality paint job on the metal. The hard finish is tougher than anything you’ll ever find with conventional paints. And it’s the only finish we’ll use at Chandler Truck Accessories.

This finish comes standard on the Chandler Crossbody Wedge Carbon Steel Toolbox, the Chandler Trailer Tongue Box, and the Chandler Underbody Carbon Steel Toolbox. All of these Chandler Truck Accessories are made of powder-coated 12-Gauge Carbon Steel.  

We select only the best materials for our truck accessories, and quality-check our products during every stage of the manufacturing process. The best way we know to complete the final step is to protect it with a world-class powder coating.