Material Matters

They say, its what’s inside that counts. Well, when it comes to truck accessories, they may have a point. Truck Boxes operate in a heavy-duty world. If they’re not made of heavy-duty materials, they really have no purpose being there. That’s why each Chandler Truck Box is made in the USA with good ol’ American Carbon steel or aluminum.

There are several reasons to use industrial-grade, American-sourced materials. Not the least of which is supporting the industries, people and jobs in this country. That’s a huge part of our culture here at Chandler. We have over 40 years’ experience producing industrial-strength products for heavy-duty jobs including the transportation, energy, liquid waste and agriculture industries. From our owners and employees to every member of the Chandler family, we are proud of our blue-collar work ethic and American-made roots.

But probably the most important reason to use these materials is they are the only materials that will do the job right! We’re talking 12-Gauge Carbon Steel or .125” Diamond Tread Plate for our Aluminum Tread Boxes. This grade of American steel and aluminum is necessary to make a truck box to the standards at Chandler.

We’re proud that our truck boxes are made in the USA from the toughest aluminum and steel in the USA. Our reputation depends on the quality and durability of our products. That’s also why we use Die Cast Heavy Duty T-Handles and Commercial Grade One-Piece Gaskets for the best water-proof sealing and security in the USA. And don’t get us started on our hinges. That’s another story all together.

When we say Chandler Truck Accessories are “Built to Exceed Expectations,” we’re not just talking about the thought, care and effort that goes into putting them together – and a lot goes into that process we assure you. We’re also talking about the raw materials used from the very beginning.

We sourced the best steel and aluminum and then field-tested it to make sure we were right. The end result is something we’re proud to call Chandler. Take a look at our products and discover the difference for yourself.