Trailer Tongue Box provides accessibility and durability

Whoever invented the trailer tongue mounted toolbox had a stroke of genius. It’s been around so long we take it for granted, but the trailer tongue box is as handy as a pocket on a shirt (who invented shirt pockets anyway?).

Placed in an easily accessible location somewhere on the tongue of your trailer, the tongue box makes good use of space that would otherwise be a waste of real estate. One thing to consider, however, is that this box will bear the brunt of whatever slings off your back tires. That means dirt, rocks and the occasional road kill will hit the box at extreme velocity. For those reasons, we’re recommending the Chandler Trailer Tongue Box.

Of course there are cheaper options out there made of plastic and other light-weight materials, but we don’t recommend them. In addition to being subjected to abuse on the open road, this box will face many other hazards including rain, snow, sleet, high winds and of course summer heat. Luckily this trailer-mounted tool box is made in the USA from sturdy 12-gauge carbon steel. You’ll also be happy to know this box features a commercial-grade one-piece gasket for the highest quality seal possible, to keep your tools dry and safe from the elements outside.

A tough toolbox keeps your contents safe from nefarious folks who would bust in and help themselves to your precious cargo. Not to worry, the Chandler Trailer Tongue box is theft-proof as well with a key locking stainless steel latch providing added security. Even though it’s one of the most heavy-duty tongue toolboxes available anywhere, you’ll find the lid surprisingly easy to open and access with the 80-lb. gas assist springs and greasable custom hinges.

If your job requires the use of a trailer, and you don’t currently have a trailer tongue box, we recommend this one. You won’t find one better than this. Like all Chandler Truck Accessories you’ll find it right here in the USA, because it was made in the USA. That means a top-quality product robotically welded under the watchful eye of a Chandler employee, and a fast easy shipment from the heartland of America. Of course every Chandler Truck Accessory is protected by our 10-year warranty.