We Have a Handle on Quality

All puns aside, any truck box is only as good as the handle that opens it. It’s not enough to have a box made of the strongest steel available in the country, robotically-welded under the watchful eye of a Chandler craftsman. The mechanism to open the box has to be just as tough and well made as the rest of it. It’s worth considering since this is the main target of would-be thieves.

Most of the Chandler Truck Accessories use T-handles. If you’ve done your research, or just taken a good look around at other truck boxes, you notice that these are one of the most, if not THE most commonly seen handle on the market. They’re great for almost all industrial applications. It also doesn’t hurt that you can generally open and close them with gloves on, which is a big plus for working out in the elements or on jobs where work gloves are required.

It should be noted at this point, however, that not all T-handles are created the same. For example, Chandler uses a die cast heavy-duty adjustable T-handle with a latch. The adjustable roller cam comes with a key lock in addition to a padlock loop for extra security. This type of handle comes standard on Chandler’s UnderBody Aluminum Tread Plate ToolboxUnderbody Aluminum Tread Plate Barn Door Toolbox, and our Underbody Carbon Steel Toolbox.You’ll also find it on the Underbody Carbon Steel Toolbox with the Stainless Steel Door


There is a slightly different version of this T-handle on our Underbody Smooth Aluminum Barn Door Toolbox You’ll find the same quality with a locking roller style and the handle is in a polished stainless steel. 

Chandler’s Trailer Tongue Box features a key locking bright polished stainless steel latch. What else would you put on this tough box made in the USA from sturdy 12-Gauge Carbon, steel?

In case you didn’t know by now, at Chandler we put quality first, so every handle is just as heavy-duty as the box it opens.