A Common Fit; Uncommon Quality

When you see a toolbox on a pickup truck, chances are it’s a crossbody design, and that’s for good reason. When it comes to truck toolboxes, it doesn’t get any better than the crossbody truck box. It’s placement near the cab gives you the easiest accessibility without taking too much space from the truck’s cab.  

Not all crossbody truck boxes are wedge-shaped, but the wedge is an optimal choice for this design of truck box. The wedge shape offers maximum storage and additional accessibility (it’s nice being able to actually reach into your toolbox from your step rail.) The crossbody design paired with the wedge shape makes for a pretty handy toolbox. But always bear in mind, just because this particular design and shape is pretty common doesn’t mean they’re all built the same.

As we’ve said before, the Chandler HD Crossbody Wedge Toolbox is the box all others will be compared to. Not only is it made with Chandler’s signature 12-Gauge Carbon American Steel, it also features an upgraded Commercial-Grade One-Piece Gasket you won’t find on most aftermarket crossbody toolboxes. This gives this particular truck box a phenomenal seal that will protect your tools from rain, snow and extreme temperatures both hot and cold.

In addition to the gaskets, the greaseable dual custom hinges ensure the door closes just right every time, while the 80-lb. gas assist springs help you with every open. Your tools and cargo will be safe, sound and organized with interior storage shelves.

There are many toolboxes on the market that are great for “light duty” and “mini-trucks,” and if that’s what you’re looking for there are plenty of options on the market. But if you’re in need of a truly heavy-duty truck box for heavy-duty work, we stand by our product as simply the best HD Crossbody Wedge Toolbox you’ll find anywhere.  A truck box like this can only come from Chandler. We offer a 10-year warranty on every Chandler Truck Accessory. We are proud of the reputation our products have and will always provide the highest level of customer service – guaranteed.