So you want to buy a truck box?

The modern pickup truck was built for the purpose of hauling, carrying or otherwise transporting some sort of cargo in the bed. Why did we decide we needed yet more cargo space in a different area of our vehicle? Truck toolboxes come in many different sizes and shapes and they’re used for a variety of different reasons.

The answer is simple if you’re one of the hard-working Americans who uses truck boxes everyday. But if you’re new to the workforce or you’re in the process of re-purposing your truck for a new or different function, it can be a bit overwhelming. Today, trucks are outfitted with boxes almost everywhere you can think to put one. They’re in the bed; they’re on trailer tongues and under steps to the cab.

What’s the perfect “starter” truck box for you? That usually depends on what you want to keep in it and the design of your particular truck. Are you keeping tools and gear in there for security reasons or protection from the weather? By far the most common toolbox is the crossbody design. And you couldn’t do much better than Chandler’s HD Crossbody Wedge Toolbox.  


If you have a flatbed with the clearance, we suggest Chandler’s Underbody Aluminum Tread Plate Barn Door Toolbox or the Underbody Smooth Aluminum Tread Plate Barn Door Toolbox. If it’s just under your flatbed, you can’t go wrong with smooth aluminum. If it’s placed anywhere you think it might be used as a step, then consider going for the tread plate. It comes in handy and really works.

The Chandler Underbody Toolbox has a continuous stainless steel piano hinge and a die cast heavy-duty adjustable t-handle with a latch offering an adjustable roller cam with key lock in addition to a padlock loop. The commercial-grade one-piece gasket also provides an uncommonly secure seal to minimize outside elements.

If you’re new to underbody toolboxes, and you’re not sure what type of cargo you’re going to be carrying in them yet, you can’t go wrong with the Barn Door option. It eliminates the awkwardness of trying to put something in them with a fully open door on top.

Like all Chandler truck boxes, our Underbody Barn Door Toolboxes are made in the USA and customization is available. But this is just one suggestion. Find the toolbox that’s right for you. For more information about the underbody barn door toolbox and other toolboxes go to our product page and find the one that speaks to you.